Oxford Phab at Avon Tyrrell in June 2017 – the beginning

When does a Phab holiday begin ? The official start was everyone assembling at 10:30 to board the Minibus, and three cars (we were joined by another one later with members who had to work during the day on Friday), and set off for the New Forest.

Before that plans had been made, food and other supplies bought, meals cooked and frozen and a host of other activities to make sure the holiday was a success.

The actual loading was very much the same as in 2015 and 2016, and the journey uneventful, but we were still pleased to arrive,  have a picnic lunch in front of the house, and then, once our chalets were free, unload.



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I was born in Edinburgh, and studied Physics at Southampton University. Now retired, I maintain my interests in Science, Open computing, and many other areas. I have been a member of Oxford Phab for a many years, and maintain their web site.