Quiz Night

Robin had carefully prepared his quiz. This time being well up on the full range of Star Wars movies would have been an advantage, and we did manage to do quite well on that. Unfortunately my knowledge of Gladiators, was limited to having seen the trailers, but Sarah boosted our team’s score significantly on that one, so we ended up in equal first place !

All the teams shared the chocolatey rewards.

Archery at Avon Tyrrell

We brought out our inner Robin Hood in a couple of Archery sessions, split into two groups so everyone had plenty of opportunity to have a go.

Once again they had a gadget which allows archery, using a standard bow in a clamp, with a gate latch to release the bowstring.

Everyone who wanted to was able to have a go at archery.

This is just a selection of those who took part.



Games Night at Banbury Phab

We had a great time at Banbury Phab, who had kindly invited us to their games evening.  They had  wide variety of games, from putting to seeing how many marbles you could spoon into an upside down flower pot in 30 seconds. Many of them had been made by their club leader, Barry, over the years, including his amazing switch game.

Bar skittles, also known as Devil among the tailors.

Getting marbles into a flowerpot is harder than you might think.

The marble maze requires patience and concentration – this shows a particularly tricky section of the maze.

They were also celebrating two birthdays, so we had birthday cake as well !

Thank you Banbury Phab !

Hinksey Heights Captain’s Drive In 2017

We were the Hinksey Heights Golf  Club Captains Charity in 2016, and were invited to their Captain’s Drive In. We were very happy to come back, and sell more tickets for their raffle, as well as sticks which their members could place on the course to show where they thought first drive of this year’s captains would reach.

Selling Raffle tickets.

We were very pleased to accept a cheque for the amount their members had raised on our behalf during the year, at events like the Captain’s Day.

Tom won an Easter Egg in the raffle

Tom won an Easter Egg in the raffle

Quiz Night

Once again Robin had gone to a great deal of trouble to prepare a quiz for us.

Misprints – one of the sections of the Quiz

We divided into four teams and tackled the various parts of the quiz.

The team I was in were particularly fortunate, as we had “The Queen of the Wordsearch” in it. Despite our advantage in this section all teams were equally triumphant, and everyone shared the prize – a tub of chocolates.