Darren and Maria Hen and Stag party at Hinksey Heights Golf Club.

Darren and Maria, who are getting married later this year, had a combined Hen and Stag party at Hinksey Heights Golf Club.

We had an abundance of Hen and/or Stag party themed drinking straws, ice cubes, pasta ! There was also plentiful and tasty meal.

There was fancy dress – here are some of the Pink Ladies

There was singing

and presents for the bride and groom to be

We also, sadly, said farewell to Mary, who had been making us welcome at Hinksey Heights Golf Club since we started being their Captain’s charity, but is moving on to pastures new. She had put a lot of effort into making this party very special, and we hope she will stay in touch.


Oxford Phab at Avon Tyrrell in June 2017 – the beginning

When does a Phab holiday begin ? The official start was everyone assembling at 10:30 to board the Minibus, and three cars (we were joined by another one later with members who had to work during the day on Friday), and set off for the New Forest.

Before that plans had been made, food and other supplies bought, meals cooked and frozen and a host of other activities to make sure the holiday was a success.

The actual loading was very much the same as in 2015 and 2016, and the journey uneventful, but we were still pleased to arrive,  have a picnic lunch in front of the house, and then, once our chalets were free, unload.



Evening at Donnington Social Club

As always we were made very welcome at Donnington Social club, where we enjoy a change of scene and a chance to sit and chat.

We could also watch the club members play darts, which we did not join in – I think they play at a higher skill level than we do.


High Ropes at Avon Tyrrell 2016

After our Archery session we moved on to the High Ropes. These are allowed us to get high up into the trees !

DSC00006In the middle of this picture Maria is climbing a tree, watched by Tom and some of the Avon Tyrrell instructors.

DSC00008I am walking along a log above the forest.

I do make it to the end !

DSC00012Trisha climbing.

DSC00016Trisha has climbed even higher, while, in the background, Helen has climbed up to the horizontal log.

Kelly going for a swing !

DSC00029Sarah on the High Ropes – heading up,

DSC00038and has enjoyed the experience !


Archery at Avon Tyrrell 2016

We enjoyed the Archery when we went to Avon Tyrrell last year, so we wanted to do it again.

20160514_135536You can find your dominant eye – the one you want to sight along the arrow with – buy making a small peep-hole with your hands and finding out which eye you use to look through it at some object.

20160514_144318They still have their clever device to allow everyone to participate.


Campfire at Avon Tyrrell

In the evening we had a camp fire, where we cooked hot dogs, courgettes, sweetcorn and other camp fire delicacies.

20160513_194005Campfire successfully lit !

20160513_194014Hungry diners waiting for food.

20160513_202109We toasted marshmallows

20160513_202800We also toasted cherry tomatoes, which do not contain gelatin, as a vegetarian alternative.