Post Summer Holiday catch up.

It was good to get back together after the summer break to find out what we had all been doing.

Slideshow of Summer Holiday pictures

One of the highlights was Darren and Maria’s wedding. We brought back napkins and table decorations from their wedding and Kathryn baked a cake. This gave everyone an opportunity to celebrate with them.

We also, as usual, chatted a lot – being especially pleased to see some new faces, and to renew contact with people we had not seen for a while.

Normal Club

After all the excitement of our club holiday at Avon Tyrrell, we had a quiet evening at Wesley Memorial Church, chatting and telling those who were unable to participate in the holiday all about it.

Unfortunately we came out from the club night to find that our minibus had been boxed in, with cars (without Blue Badges) very close, both front and rear. They obviously did not read the sign on the back of the minibus, which asks for a 3 metres behind the bus so we can get the lift out and load the bus. It took some skilful manoeuvring to extract the minibus before we could load.


Zumba – with Tango !

We always enjoy Zumba, and George Martini had us try some dances in a different style, rather like a cross between the Zumba we had been doing and the Wheelchair Dance we did in February.

Here we are in action !

As well as dances in lines there were dances in a circle – this one was taken while dancing, so the room as well as the dancers seems to be moving !

We even did a tango – but participating and filming a circle dance is possible, but a tango would be too tricky !

We all really enjoyed the session and look forward to more Zumba in future.

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