Programme 2000

These old programme entries are here so prospective new members can see the things we have done in the past, and to bring back memories for those who took part.

7-Jan-2000 – Chocolate Evening

14-Jan-2000 – Your Club! Your Say! – Bring a photo or a phrase of PHAB in action

15-Jan-2000 (Saturday) – Book Fair Refreshments

21-Jan-2000 – PAC Disco and Presentation – £3 each (including food)

22-Jan-2000 (Saturday) – Botley Community Players – A Millenium Panto. At Matthew Arnold School – £3.50

28-Jan-2000 – Bowling at Jardines in Aylesbury – starts 7:30 – £4 – only 25 spaces available

4-Feb-2000 – Quiz evening

11-Feb-2000 – The Mitre – starts 7:30 – (£12.50 set menu) – only 25 spaces available.

18-Feb-2000 – Cake making

19-Feb-2000 (Saturday) – Book Fair Refreshments

25-Feb-2000 – Hobbies and Interests Evening

3-Mar-2000 – Beetle Drive and Supper with church!

10-Mar-2000 – Pancake making (and eating)

17-Mar-2000 – Ordinary Club – with a St. Patricks theme!

24-Mar-2000 – Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat! £16.50 per ticket at the Wycombe Swan Theatre – only 25 spaces available

31-Mar-2000 – Ordinary Club

7-April-2000 – Drama and Dance evening with Sian O’Neill

14-April-2000 – Karaoke and disco with Banbury and Thame – £2.40

21-Jul-2000 – Ordinary Club

22-Jul-2000 (Saturday) – Garden Party for PHAB at Harry and Olive’s. Garden open at 2:30, tea served at 3:30. Swimming. £3.50 adults £2 children.

23-Jul-2000 (Sunday) – Trip to Alton Towers. Those who have booked meet at 7:30 at Leon Close. Please assemble quietly as people will be asleep.

28-Jul-2000 – BBQ at Faringdon Infants School, Lechlade Road, Faringdon (Marys school). £2.50 per head. bring a game!


8-Sep-2000 – PHAB re-opens, bring your holiday pics.

15-Sep-2000 – Computer night.

29-Sep-2000 – Ordinary Club

6-Oct-2000 – Computer Evening

13-Oct-2000 – Bowling at Jardines Club, Aylesbury 19:30 – £4.00

20-Oct-2000 – Cake making – bring a cake

21-Oct-2000(Saturday) – Oxfam refreshments/Book sale – Please come and help

28-Oct-2000(Saturday) – Barleytime – a musical based on the story of Ruth. 7pm at Wesley Mem. £6 adults, £4 concessions.

3-Nov-2000 – Firework party

10-Nov-2000 – Disco and Karaoke – £2.50

17-Nov-2000 – AGM

24-Nov-2000 – Meal at the Mitre – 19:15 – £14.95 – £5 deposit to Mary and orders by 3rd November – 25 spaces

1-Dec-2000 – Quiz night

8-Dec-2000 – Video making

14-Dec-2000 – Carol singing – 6pm at Wesley Mem

16-Dec-2000(Saturday) – Christmas Dinner – 6pm – £5 per head. Must be booked in advance.



Programme 1999

These old programme entries are here so prospective new members can see the things we have done in the past, and to bring back memories for those who took part.

12-Feb-1999 – Muffin making

19-Feb-1999 – Pancakes and Table Tennis Tournament

26-Feb-1999 – Meal out at ‘The Mitre’ Beefeater Restaurant, High Street,Oxford – Be ready to eat at 7:30

5-Mar-1999 – Ordinary Club

12-Mar-1999 – Art Attack – different art activities for all to enjoy

19-Mar-1999 – Disco at Banbury PHAB

26-Mar-1999 – Easter Feast – details to follow

16-Apr-1999 – Bowling at Jardines Club, Aylesbury 7:30 – please pay £4.00 by 26th March if you want to go.

23-Apr-1999 – Ordinary Club

30-Apr-1999 – Ordinary Club

3-May-1999 (Monday) – Sponsored walk – PHAB Heartbeat Hike in Hyde Park, London

7-May-1999 – Ordinary Club

14-May-1999 – Chinese Meal at Paddyfields Restaurant, Hythe Bridge Street

21-May-1999 – Caribbean Evening – a Fundraising and Fun Evening

28-May-1999 – Ordinary Club

4-Jun-1999 – Ordinary Club

11-Jun-1999 – Cake Making

12-Jun-1999 (Saturday) – Refrshments for Oxfam book sale, and Street Collection

2-Jul-1999 – Ordinary Club and Quiz

3-Jul-1999 – The Townsends Garden Party for PHAB.

9-Jul-1999 – Ordinary Club

16-Jul-1999 – PHAB Area Committee Annual General Meeting and Disco. Buffet £2.50

23-Jul-1999 – Bowling at Jardines Club, Aylesbury 7:30 – £4.00

17-Sep-1999 – Ordinary Club

24-Sep-1999 – Ordinary Club

1-Oct-1999 – Ordinary Club

8-Oct-1999 – Bowling at Jardines Club, Aylesbury 7:30 – £4.00

15-Oct-1999 – Ordinary Club

17-Oct-1999 – Day trip to Swanage, including Steam Railway. See Simon by 8th October if you wish to go

22-Oct-1999 – Cake making for Oxfam Sale. Please bring cakes to sell

23-Oct-1999 (Saturday) – Refreshments all day for Oxfam Booksale.

29-Oct-1999 – Ordinary Club

5-Nov-1999 – Fireworks and BBQ to be arranged

12-Nov-1999 – Meal out at Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel at Sandford on Thames. Meal will cost £15 plus drinks

19-Nov-1999 – Annual General Meeting

26-Nov-1999 – Ordinary Club

3-Dec-1999 – Xmas Card making

10-Dec-1999 – Ordinary Club

16-Dec-1999 (Thursday) – Carol Singing in Oxford

17-Dec-1999 – Christmas Dinner – £5


Programme 1998

These old programme entries are here so prospective new members can see the things we have done in the past, and to bring back memories for those who took part.

9-Jan-1998 – Ordinary Club

23-Jan-1998 – Fish and Chip Supper – Matt and Kevins birthday

24-Jan-1998 (Saturday) – Banbury PHAB party

30-Jan-1998 – Ordinary Club

6-Feb-1998 – Video Evening

13-Feb-1998 – Valentines Event – watch this space !!

20-Feb-1998 – Julie North – Something Arty ! (to be confirmed)

27-Feb-1998 – Pancake Party and Lucys birthday

6-Mar-1998 – Hobbies and Interests Evening

13-Mar-1998 – Housewarming and Janets Birthday Party (at Janets !)

20-Mar-1998 – Aromatherapy

27-Mar-1998 – Bowling at Jardines Club, Aylesbury – 7:30 pm

3-Apr-1998 – Chinese meal at Paddyfields

1-May-1998 – Ordinary Club

4-May-1998 (Monday) – Heartbeat Hike – sponsored walk in Hyde Park, London. Meet at Andrews at 8:30 am.

8-May-1998 – Mexican Evening and Games at Wesley Memorial

15-May-1998 – Ordinary Club

22-May-1998 – Cake making for Sale, please bring cakes or ingredients

23-May-1998 (Saturday) – Cakes and Refreshments all day with Oxfam book sale. – We need lots of help from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm even if only for an hour or so.

29-May-1998 – Ordinary Club

5-Jun-1998 – No club

6-Jun-1998 (Saturday) – Barbeque at Andrews and Janets (Leon Close) 7:30 onwards. Steve’s Birthday

12-Jun-1998 – Disco and PHAB Area Committee Annual General Meeting at Wesley Memorial

19-Jun-1998 – Pub Trip – Victoria Arms, Marston

20-Jun-1998 (Saturday) – Collection at Westgate Centre – we need help

20-Jun-1998 (Saturday) – Lady Taverners Fun Day at Thorpe Park (Young members) – see Mary

26-Jun-1998  – Ordinary Club

10-Jul-1998 – Ordindary Club

17-Jul-1998 – Aunt Sally Evening at The Fishes Inn, North Hinksey Village, 7:00 pm – Food is optional, order meals at the bar if required.

24-Jul-1998 – Bowling at Jardines club, Aylesbury. 7:30 pm – £4.00

31-Jul-1998 – Ordinary Club

8-Aug-1998 to 15-Aug-1998 – PHAB Holiday at the Stackpole Centre, Pembrokeshire

4-Sep-1998 – Ordinary Club

18-Sep-1998 – Ordinary Club

25-Sep-1998 – Ordinary Club

2-Oct-1998 – Computer and Internet Night computer-night1



9-Oct-1998 – Making Christmas Cards

10-Oct-1998 (Saturday) – PHAB training day at Felbury House, Surrey

16-Oct-1998 – Making cakes for Oxfam sale

17-Oct-1998 – We are doing the refreshments for the Oxfam Booksale, from 9:30 to 4:30. Please bring cakes, and we need a lot of help that day so please be there.

23-Oct-1998 – Thai Curry Evening – let Chris know on 16th if you wish to eat

30-Oct-1998 – Ordinary Club

6-Nov-1998 – Bowling at Jardines Club, Aylesbury – 7:30 start, cost £3.50

13-Nov-1998 – Connect Four Tournament – please bring your Connect Four set.

20-Nov-1998 – Meal at the Paddyfields Chinese Restaurant 7:00pm – please let Mary know if you want to come

27-Nov-1998 – Annual General Meeting 8:00 pm and Quiz

19-Dec-1998 (Saturday) – Christmas Dinner


Programme 1997

These old programme entries are here so prospective new members can see the things we have done in the past, and to bring back memories for those who took part.

17-Jan-1997 – Ordinary Club

23-Jan-1997 – PHAB Area Committee Annual party at the Guildhall, Abingdon.

24-Jan-1997 – no club

7-Feb-1997 – Pancakes and Ordinary Club

14-Feb-1997 – Meal out at Ock Mill at 7:00 – places are limited

21-Feb-1997 – Ordinary Club

28-Feb-1997 – Ordinary Club

7-Mar-1997 – Computer Evening

14-Mar-1997 – Ordinary Club and Easter Cards

21-Mar-1997 – Making Sweets

11-Apr-1997 – Hobbies and Interests evening

12-Apr-1997 to 13-Apr-1997 – Training weekend at Kingfisher Barn, Abingdon

18-Apr-1997 – Beetle Drive

25-Apr-1997 – Pub Trip – Britannia in Headington

2-May-1997 – Mexican cooking and Ordinary Club

5-May-1997 (Monday) – Heartbeat Hike – sponsored walk around Hyde Park

9-May-1997 – Computer Evening

16-May-1997 – Pub evening – hopefully the Trout Inn at Wolvercote

23-May-1997 – Baking for coffee morning

24-May-1997 (Saturday) – Coffee Morning – Lunches and Refreshments for
PHAB, with Oxfam book sale. Help needed all day, please bring cakes.

30-May-1997 – Chinese takeaway or fish and chips

6-Jun-1997 – Visitor – Julie North

13-Jun-1997 – Ordinary Club

20-Jun-1997 – No club because of Barbecue

21-Jun-1997 – Barbeque at Justin and Rosalind’s

27-Jun-1997 – Phab Area Committee AGM and Barn Dance at Kingfisher Barn, Abingdon

4-Jul-1997 – Quiz Night

11-Jul-1997 – No Club

12-Jul-1997 – 70’s night Disco in aid of Matt and Kevins transport fund. Tickets £4.00 available at the door at Blackbird Leys Community Centre 7:30 to 11:30, ring Mary or Dot for transport.

18-Jul-1997 – No Club

19-Jul-1997 (Saturday) – Barbecue at Dots house in Garsington – see Mary for details

August 2nd to 9th – Holiday at the Stackpole Centre, Pembrokeshire, cost  £100

21-Nov-1997 – Meal at Paddyfields Chinese Restaurant, Hythe Bridge St – 7:30 – Buffet meal £12 for 3 courses. Let Mary know if you are coming.

28-Nov-1997 – Annual General Meeting

5-Dec-1997 – Making Decorations

12-Dec-1997 – Making fudge, cakes and Mince pies for coffee morning

13-Dec-1997 – Coffee morning – 9:30 am – 12:00 noon at Wesley Memorial. Please come and support this event

18-Dec-1997 (Thursday) – Carol singing – 6:30 pm

19-Dec-1997 – Christmas Dinner £5 at Wesley memorial. Bring family and friends. Let Simon know if you are coming.


Stackpole 1997

The Stackpole Centre in Pembrokeshire has accessible accommodation, including a swimming pool with a hoist, and a big group kitchen.

Our holiday started out rather wet.

st-govans-headThis did not prevent us from having a good time. We had a trip to St Govans Head, in the rain.
st-govans-viewWe could still see some of the dramatic coastline, and noone was blown off a cliff.

We had several day trips; one to St Davids, where we visited the Marine Life centre and the Cathedral and the Archbishops Palace.

archbishops-palace-groupAt the Archbishops palace – before the downpour which sent us back to the Minibus.

We also did various outdoor activities.

sailors-returnReturning from ‘sailing’ in a flat calm and pouring rain.

We enjoyed it so much that we returned to Stackpole in 1998.


Phab South East Youth Weekend

April 12th to 13th 1997

Phab South East Region have organised a youth weekend, aimed at young people from 16 to 26 approximately. This is your chance to meet other Phab members from the South East, have your say in the future of the organisation and generally have an enjoyable weekend.


  • Representation of Young People in Phab
  • Responsibilities of being a committee member
  • Giving young people a chance
  • Letting young people have their say
  • What do you want from Phab South East
  • Phab South East in the next millennium


John Kelly


Kingfisher Barn,

Transport from Oxford bus and railway stations will be available – please arrange it when you book


From 10:00 am Saturday April 12th until 4:00 pm on Sunday April 13th


£10 including accommodation and meals

Programme 1996

These old programme entries are here so prospective new members can see the things we have done in the past, and to bring back memories for those who took part.

26-Jan-1996 – Ordinary Club and talk by Chris Burns and Liz from Kingfisher Barn

1-Feb-1996 – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

2-Feb-1996 – Ordinary Club and Baked Potato Evening (we are being filmed for the Church video)

9-Feb-1996 – Ordinary Club and Games Evening (New Game !)

16-Feb-1996 – Pub Visit – Fox and Hounds, Abingdon Road

23-Feb-1996 – Pancake Evening

1-Mar-1996 – Ordinary Club

8-Mar-1996 – Video Evening

15-Mar-1996 – Beefeaters at The Longwall, Cowley (7pm)

22-Mar-1996 – Ordinary Club

23-Mar-1996 – Coffee Morning

29-Mar-1996 – Ordinary Club

12-Apr-1996 – Ordinary Club

19-Apr-1996 – Cando Dance Company at the Pegasus Youth Theatre

26-Apr-1996 – Ordinary Club

3-May-1996 – Ordinary Club (but possibly something else planned by Roy!)

6-May-1996 – Heartbeat Hike

10-May-1996 – Ordinary Club + Dance/Drama session

17-May-1996 – Ordinary Club + Dance/Drama session

24-May-1996 – Pub Trip – Chequers at Burcot near Dorchester-on-Thames

31-May-1996 – Ordinary Club

7-Jun-1996 – PHAB Area Committee AGM, Disco and BBQ – Kingfisher Barn, Abingdon

14-Jun-1996 – Ordinary Club and Sugarcraft

21-Jun-1996 – Preparation for Garden Party – no transport

22-Jun-1996 – Garden Party – Swimming, Games and BBQ – transport

28-Jun-1996 – Ordinary Club and Health and Safety Training

5-Jul-1996 – Visit to Pub – Victoria Arms, Old Marston

12-Jul-1996 – Health and Safety Training, Banbury PHAB

19-Jul-1996 – Ordinary Club and Chinese meal

26-Jul-1996 – Bowling at Jardines Club, Aylesbury 7:30-9:30, cost £3.70

2-Aug-1996 – Ordinary Club

6-Sep-1996 – Ordinary Club, plus members videos and photos of PHAB events

12-Sep-1996 – Theatre trip – Evita

13-Sep-1996 – Quiz Night

20-Sep-1996 – Baked Potato Evening

27-Sep-1996 – Games Evening

4-Oct-1996 – Ordinary Club + Table Tennis Tournament

11-Oct-1996 – Ordinary Club + Bring your PHAB Photos

18-Oct-1996 – 15th Aniversary Party at Wesley Memorial

25-Oct-1996 – Ordinary Club + Making Cakes

26-Oct-1996 – Coffee Morning and Lunches (with Oxfam Booksale) 10am to 4pm

1-Nov-1996 – To be confirmed

8-Nov-1996 – Ordinary Club + Roy’s Jamaican Travels

15-Nov-1996 – Bowling at Jardines Bowling Club, Aylesbury

22-Nov-1996 – Christmas Crafts

29-Nov-1996 – Baking + Christmas Crafts

30-Nov-1996 – PHAB Christmas Sale, Wesley Memorial 10am to 4pm – Bring things to sell

6-Dec-1996 – Making Decorations

12-Dec-1996 – Carol Singing

13-Dec-1996 – Making Mince Pies

20-Dec-1996 – Christmas Dinner




New Minibus presented at Charity Cricket Match

After we had done a lot of fundraising we were presented with a Ford Transit adapted minibus in the characteristic Lord’s Taverners green. The presentation was made at a charity cricket match, where wealthy donors could mingle with celebrities and members of the England cricket team.

kscan_0020Here Terry Wogan is chatting with Roy, who was our Chairman at the time, and a keen cricket fan.

kscan_0021Terry also signed autographs for fans. In the background you can see some members of the cricket team, and also the marquees, where tea and cakes were served.